Center for Resilience and Personal Development

Everyone’s individual climb up the mountain will be different, as well as the true notion that everyone’s lock is different: we all will have different ways of maneuvering to get to our desired destination, and the approach through the resistance will be different for everyone. Invictus Clinic’s programs and materials are uniquely designed and customized to your unique individual needs and True North.

It is time to discover your Authenticity through the power of Intention. Are you ready to reclaim the rest of your Life?

What separates Invictus Clinic from the Rest?

Engaging in Invictus Clinic is not just a run-of-the-mill coaching, I specialize in education and intention: I will be ensuring that you understand the material and concepts covered as well as showing and discussing with you about what this is doing within your system and to discover the true power of intention.

Through the usage of self-reflection, presence, both self-forging and centering exercises, as well as accountability you will begin to discover your intentional and authentic self.

Through the usage of movement, dietary awareness, and the determinants of health you will intentionally create a stronger system to live your life fully as well as use the stressors of life as opportunities to get better and stronger.

You will be introduced and discussed concepts gained through philosophy, psychology, nutrition, physiology, with military concepts used to showcase of looking at the world in a different light for your own freedom and authenticity.

Executive Coaching

  • Embrace hardships of life as catalysts for growth
  • Come Home to Self
  • You are make the experience, it's your responsibility

Topics include how to take the hardships of your life
and turn them into strengths through the science of psychology coupled with philosophy by addressing your sense of perceiving and responding rather than reacting.

Take the Victor's stance on living life fully, and discover the freedom and power found through Eustress.

How to become the Hero to your own Story for the betterment of your life as well as your people.

Learn the true power within yourself by embracing the responsibility and intrinsic motivation rather than waiting for someone to save you.

Master your life and stand in your intentionally
authentic self.

Become the True You through embracing your story and creating your own future.

Program Plan - Resilience Toolkit

  • Embrace the peace of mind knowing that you are taking control of your health and life
  • Discover your unique curriculum in the University of Life
  • Facilitate perspective and understanding of this world as training ground and curriculum

For those who want to continue finding their own way through life while still wanting to gain peace of mind in regards to health as well as resilience, this is built specifically for you.

Program plans are a 7+ page packet that is what we would discuss in training through several sessions while also being able to have the guidance and structure to carry forward. Fully customized to
your unique needs, and easy to understand.


Standard areas of coverage:

- Workout plan as well as given structure and critical concepts for mastery.

- Macronutrient requirements for either bulking/cutting/maintaining with nutrient timing, hydration, menu structure, and example menu.
- Ways to effectively decrease sedentary time and ensuring you are hitting required cardio per week.
- Mindset training to help increase efficiency of above concepts by understanding how to embrace and maneuver through while also making sure you have your bases covered.

Invest now for the best Life possible

  • Invictus Clinic Specialty Programs

    What to Expect:

    (16) 60-90 Minute Zoom Sessions

    Customized Sessions that will fit your schedule and lifestyle, provide guidance and structure for you to be able to solve your primary needs

    Email/Phone Support to shed light on concepts in real time and to help ensure self-navigation gets reinforced through intentional engagement

    Supplementary Readings that will provide small practices to maintain true on your perspective and keep the concepts fresh while also having material to be able to reflect on at your discretion.

    Multiple modalities and specialized trainings in both strengthening, healing, centering, and learning modalities learned from philosophy to exercise science to Afghanistan to provide a coaching experience found no where else.

    Supplementary documents included:

    • Eating for Long-Term Performance and Health with calculated macronutrients for strengthening your system.
    • Workout regiments to establish foundation for physical health and accountability, created from 15 years in the industry with one of the highest prestigious certifications.
    • Waking up to a New You and living each day as a full life.
    • 23 Hours outside the gym as a quick reference guide to importance of Health and Wellness throughout your day.
  • Individual Coaching without Program

    Not everyone has the ability of finances or time to be able to engage in the full programs, but I don't want that to be limitations for you getting the information you need.

    Although it won't be as cohesive and tied together, I want to be able to offer individual sessions so that you can get specific answers rather than doing what you may not feel as needed.

    What to Expect:

    Fill out and submit questionaire to identify what it is your wanting to work on

    60 Minute Zoom session in which we discuss the concepts and happenings of the form and from here create a beginning program on how to go from your current position and implement the change into it.

    After the Zoom meeting, within (5) business days depending on the session, you will have program and documents sent to your email on how to begin transitioning to new routine and perspective.

    For (2) weeks after receiving your program plan there is email correspondence once a week to ensure you stay on track as well as proving to be sustainable for you.

Limited Spaces!

If you find yourself searching for something in Life but not knowing how to reach the destination, believe in yourself and take the leap of faith to create the true You.

Don't talk yourself out of a little hard work now for the most fulfilling remainder of your life imaginable.

Act now before all the boat spaces taken!