The training modality used throughout Invictus Clinic's programs and coaching is, "Train the Trainer".

During my time in the Marines I was utilized to go to specialized schools, come back to my unit, and then teach potential squad and fireteam leaders any pertinent skills in regards to combat effectiveness. Although I am no longer in the Middle East and no longer needing to worry about 'single point of failure' in life and death, I am adamant about the effectiveness of this approach. I will use my 10 years of teaching experience with my over 15 years of practical application to ensure that you understand the material and concepts presented and able to authentically create your own model.

Through physiology, philosophy, psychology, and ancestral roots, our material honors the wisdom of the past with application of the now. Invictus Clinic will provide structure and guidance for you to discover your most authentic and intentional self. It is our goal to bring clarity to vague concepts of health and Life as well as provide tools to better handle the storms of Life as well as being able to intentionally celebrate the fullness of your Story.

Invictus Clinic will not try to convince you that your life is all sunshine and rainbows. The reality of life is that hardships are unavoidable and every person we meet has gone through fire. Our hardships allow us to fully enjoy our victories, and it is our intention to be able to provide guidance and understanding for you to be able to authentically celebrate both the highs and the lows.

Meet the Founder

Bradon Vermaat

I have walked a road that I don’t believe many would willingly choose, and although it began first with survival it has culminated with me not wanting to change a thing that has occurred.

My life has not been filled with sunshine, but rather I have found myself in opportunities to either get better or bitter from the very beginning. It was in that environment: in situations that I couldn’t control, that allowed me to trust myself and set off in creating my own path which has brought me to this very culmination of the rites of passage I’ve underwent.

What I have experienced is not unique to me, but rather is the dark side of the Human Experience. Yet, rather than running and being fearful I’ve embraced it and took it all in stride, for this very opportunity to help bridge the gap between us and Self.

From experiencing and overcoming childhood trauma, enlisting in the Marines on September 11th 2010, deploying to Afghanistan, getting out of the corps and experienced the unraveling of PTSD and post separation anxiety, becoming a certified Exercise Physiologist, and then leaving everything behind to go finish the inner work I started on over 20 years ago. I refused to be a Life coach who talks but has never felt the sting of primary experience. I am not from ivory towers but from University of Life.

I wear my scars with pride, I am not broken but rather the victor. Me being in this position is due to me intentionally deciding that what I went through could help and guide others so that no one has to feel alone in the Wilds of Life.

Life is happening for You, not to You.

The Origin

I wish to share a little story of my life to help tie together how Invictus Clinic came about. It is the beginning of summer in 2015; I was fresh out of the Marine Corps and experiencing my first true unraveling. I had overcome so much resistance by this point in my life, but this ego death was overwhelming for a number of reasons that don’t matter right now. I didn’t know it was possible to feel such exquisite, torturous sensations. My internal storm was so loud; thoughts screaming to throw in the towel, to stop fighting, that nothing I did in the last four years amounted to anything, that everything I worked towards since a child was pointless. I often found myself unable to fall asleep due to my circumstances, so I would sit on the couch and watch Bob Ross. To be clear, Bob Ross has been one of my teachers since childhood, watching him paint some happy little trees was my only sense of relaxation. On one particular night my thoughts were so loud and so chaotic I found myself unable to move. On this particular night, the episode that was being shown was towards the end of the series where Bob was giving a statement about his diagnosis of cancer. Hearing this statement was the first step in overcoming my PTSD and allowed me to unlock the next part of my story. He said, “Gotta have opposites, light and dark and dark and light, in painting. It’s like in life. Gotta have a little sadness once in a while so you know when the good times come. I’m waiting on the good times now.” Hearing him say those words brought me a single moment of clarity that provided me with a thought that has never left me, it was very much the same thing that Bob just finished saying with my own twist on it: “Life is our masterpiece, from the day you are born to the last breath you take, every day you are adding color. Yet, a painting with too much shadows is murky and you cannot see anything clearly, a painting with too much highlights are superficial and you have no depth. Only when a painting is balanced highlights and shadows is it a finished masterpiece.” The next day was the beginning of the rest of my life, and those ego deaths and continuing to be born again have continued through the years. It was the first true introduction into the end is only the beginning.